Compression garments

Compression socks are helpful for reducing edema or swelling in the legs, ankles and feet caused by chronic or acute venous disorders, and can help decrease the aches in the legs. 

These should be measured and sized for by a certified fitter. They now come in a number of styles and materials (including athletic and sheer fabrics).  

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Compression Garment

Off the Shelf and Medical Compression Garments

Compression garments use graduated compression to squeeze the walls of the veins together. Narrowing the veins causes the blood to flow faster through them, and this improves overall circulation and the ability of blood to get back to the heart.

Compression garments can come in off-the-shelf versions or with medical grade compression which must be prescribed by a doctor.

Like any of our other services here at Guelph Orthotics, we also have an initial assessment. This appointment includes going over your desired outcomes, taking proper measurements of the legs, and going over style and material options that suit your day to day needs.

Please be aware that the best time to book an initial assessment with one of our certified fitters is in the mornings for a more accurate measurement. During the time of measurements, make sure to wear appropriate articles of clothing that you can easily pull above your knee or to the thigh without any added surrounding tension to the area.

Medical Compression Garments
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